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World of Edito

  • Jakob Von Plessen: Tales of the Wild

    “When we are high up in the mountains on horse back, it doesn’t matter how difficult the conditions are- you can have howling winds- I still feel...
  • Sharing Love and Light on Valentine's Day

    And just like that, the New Year’s buzz has faded and the month of love has arrived! Can you believe it is already February 2021? I am still thinki...
  • An Edito Summer

    Summer is full swing here in Noordhoek. The birds are chirping, the bees are buzzing and the days are long. An Edito summer would look a little something like this...
  • A New Year's Message from me (Ellen)

    For me, as I step into 2021, I know we can all love more. We can all understand more. We can all listen and learn more. We get a say in how we respond to all that’s happened in 2020:
  • Christmas Potpouri

    How to make your home smell like Christmas?

  • Baking bread / Dutch "Worstenbrood"

    So today I made the original Worstenbroodjes again and I think it is time for some sharing. So here I will share with you the updated recipe for the Original Brabantse Worstenbroodjes;
  • Our New Store Is Opening!

    Our big day is almost here - we're officially opening the doors of Studio Edito's new location at the Noordhoek Garden Emporium on Friday, 11 September! We're so excited to share our new range with the world.
  • Get Your Home Ready For Winter

    Cosy duvets. Soft textures. Rich winter colours. It doesn't take much to get your home ready for winter, but many people don't know where to start with planning their winter decor. We're here to help! It all starts with your fabrics...