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An Edito Summer

Summer is in full swing here in Noordhoek. The birds are chirping, the bees are buzzing and the days are long. We start our days early, as the hot sun rises, and end our evenings late, as the sun sets just before 20h00. Thank goodness for the cool sea breeze on a hot summer’s eve!

We definitely start our days with a good cup of coffee, here at Studio Edito. There is nothing better than waking up to the fresh smell of coffee and grabbing 5 minutes to yourself, out on the verandah, still in your pyjamas… a few minutes of stillness (and coolness) before the busy day cracks on and the real heat kicks in! In an ideal world, a typical Edito Summer’s day would look a little something like this…

After our quiet morning coffee out on the verandah, we would get dressed into our comfortable, but stylish, rider-wear, and take a leisurely stroll down to the stables. We would tack up our horses with our custom-designed equestrian gear, and go for a refreshing canter across the vast Noordhoek beach. On our way home, we would stop over at the Noordhoek Garden Emporium for a little bit of a social scene. We would not be able to resist grabbing another delicious coffee from The Coffee Guy, or even stopping in at Our Café for a tasty bite to eat. If it were a Saturday, we would definitely pick up some fresh veggies and herbs from the Jardim Garden. Feeling energised, we would trot on home, back to the stables. We would tack off our horses, hose them down and put on their comfy flysheets and fly-masks. Feeling in need of some chill time, we would get changed into our cool linen clothes, and let the afternoon drift into evening. We would cuddle up under a soft cotton throw when the cold evening air draws in (and make sure our dogs were happily cuddling in their own handmade, recycled-wood dog beds). We would look forward to an Al Fresco dinner out on the verandah, feeling grateful for our beautiful day.

At Studio Edito we can make this beautiful day a reality! Come visit our shop to dream up your own Summer’s day.


With love,

The Studio Edito Team