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Baking bread / Dutch "Worstenbrood"

As from a young child I remember my dad making "Worstenbrood". This was especially around Christmas time. Now a days in the Netherlands you can buy them at every bakery and supermarket throughout the year. For me it is still something special around Christmas time. When my dad passed on his recipe to me it still said "Yeast for 5 cents" so clearly this recipe has been a hand down from old days and probably from my grand parents. 

So today I made the original Worstenbroodjes again and I think it is time for some sharing. So here I will share with you the updated recipe for the Original Brabantse Worstenbroodjes;


For the Dough:

* 250 gr White stone flour

* 6 gr Salt

* 70 gr Salted Butter

* 10 gr Sugar

* 2 Teaspoons dry yeast

* 125 ml Milk

For the Mince Sausage:

* 200 gr good fresh Pork mince

* 300 gr Lean Beef mince

* A handfull of fine breadcrumbs

* 1 Large Egg

* A pinch of Salt

* A pinch of Pepper

* Teaspoon ground Nutmeg

* Tablespoon Wochester Sauce

* Another egg for brushing



Warm up the milk (slightly to lukewarm) in the microwave or on the stove. Stir in the dry yeast and let it stand for a couple of minutes, then add the butter (cut into little blocks) to the warm milk. In the meanwhile mix all the other ingredients together in the mixing machine or mix it by hand. Add the milk with the butter and the yeast and knead to an elastic soft dough ball. Put some clingfilm over your mixing bowl and put the dough in a warm place for at least 30 minutes. (If there's no warm place at that moment you can put it into your oven on the lowest temp, but replace the plastic cling wrap with a warm damp teacloth) In the meanwhile you can prepare the sausages: Mix all the ingredients together and divide into 12 or 24 pieces (depending how big or small you want the sausage rolls to be) and roll little sausages from them. You can lay them out on a plate on baking paper. 

Once your dough has risen divide it also into 12 or 24 little balls and put it aside for 10 minutes again. You can now pre heat the oven on 200º. 

To make up the sausage rolls you roll out a little dough ball into an oval and put the mince sausage in the middle. Brush a little water around the sausage and fold in the short sides and then the long sides and put the roll with the seam at the bottom on baking paper on a baking sheet. When they're all done, brush them slightly on top with the extra beaten egg so they will come out nice and shiny. Turn the oven back to about 180º and let the rolls bake for 10 minutes or until they're nice light brown. 

You can keep them in your fridge up to two days but if you freeze them straight away they stay fresh for long. Warm them up before you eat them and enjoy !