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Sharing Love and Light on Valentine's Day

And just like that, the New Year’s buzz has faded and the month of love has arrived! Can you believe it is already February 2021? I am still thinking, “Where did 2020 go?” Many of us have faced, and are still facing, many hardships as a result from the Covid-19 pandemic. We remain in sensitive spaces; whether it be financially, physically or emotionally. Let’s make this year’s Valentine’s Day a little extra special by sharing love and light.

Valentine’s Day is celebrated every year, around the world, on the 14th February. Chocolate, flowers and gifts are typically exchanged between loved ones, all in the name of Saint Valentine. The heart is considered to be the symbol of love, and thus (along with Cupid) a symbol used for Valentine’s Day. This might be due to influential literature that was written at a time when the heart was believed to be the source of thought, emotions, and the soul. Although we now know that the brain is the source of thought and emotions, we still use sayings such as, “think with your heart instead of your head.”

Let’s focus on our hearts this Valentine’s Day. Let’s think with our hearts instead of our heads, open up our hearts, and share our hearts with our loved ones. Let’s really take the time to appreciate everyone around us. Share light through positive energy, and love with abundance- you might just make someone’s year a whole lot better this Valentine’s Day.

At Studio Edito, we plan to use our wooden hearts, heart shaped cheese boards, candles and room fragrances as a symbol, and a reminder, to always share love and light.

With love,
The Studio Edito Team.