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World of Edito

  • Jakob Von Plessen: Tales of the Wild

    “When we are high up in the mountains on horse back, it doesn’t matter how difficult the conditions are- you can have howling winds- I still feel...
  • An Edito Summer

    Summer is full swing here in Noordhoek. The birds are chirping, the bees are buzzing and the days are long. An Edito summer would look a little something like this...
  • A New Year's Message from me (Ellen)

    For me, as I step into 2021, I know we can all love more. We can all understand more. We can all listen and learn more. We get a say in how we respond to all that’s happened in 2020:
  • Christmas Potpouri

    How to make your home smell like Christmas?

  • Our New Store Is Opening!

    Our big day is almost here - we're officially opening the doors of Studio Edito's new location at the Noordhoek Garden Emporium on Friday, 11 September! We're so excited to share our new range with the world.